Tortería San Cosme.

Torteria San Cosme - Vegetarian Torta Feature

Tortería San Cosme is the latest addition to the slew of veggie friendly eateries in Toronto’s Kensington Market. This Mexican restaurant serves up delicious torta’s (sandwiches) to it’s patrons.

The spot opened up the first week of March on the corner of Baldwin and Kensington. I had read about TSC and was eager to see how the vegetarian options fared. I went to check it out last weekend but, much to my dismay, due to overwhelming popularity they were sold out by the time I got there, ¡mierda! I was really looking forward to getting my torta on. Oh well…

Round two: one week later. It was a rainy day and  my stomach started to grumble and I thought, this is a good sign – there’s always less people out on a rainy day… so I jumped on a streetcar towards TSC, praying the food gods were on my side – lo and behold, friends, I made it to the shop on time!

The restaurant only has one vegetarian torta on the menu The Nopales, a sandwich stacked with cactus, queso panela, tomatillo-serrano salsa, avocado and caramelized onion. You can get the torta as a combo with vegetarian sides of Esquites (mexican style stewed corn niblets) or a Ensalda Cesar (caesar salad). Other vegetarian food on the menu include: Papitas con Chile (lime and chilli spiced potato chips), Molletes (griddled buttered bread with refried beans and Oaxaca cheese), Elotes (street style corn on the cob), and Churros.

Vegetarian Nopales Torta with Esquites (Mexican Corn)  Tamarindo Drink

I got the Nopales paired with the Esquites and Tamarindo (pictured above) and it was incredible, I drooled over every bite. The sandwich was so good and very filling that I didn’t have any room left to try any of the other sides or the churros. All the more reason to go back again!

The restaurant itself is beautifully designed with patterned floor tiles and a gorgeous mural for diners to marvel at while they enjoy their food and listen to great Latin American beats.

It was a memorable meal and I will definitely be back for seconds, thirds and more. Veg Heads, you should definitely give this shop a shot!

Marveling at Torteria San Cosme mural while eating my vegetarian torta
Mural at Tortería San Cosme


Ricas Tortas menu - featuring the vegetarian nopales torta
The full Ricas Tortas menu

Photo Credit: Rohini Chopra

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  1. Yes you are right, Tortería San Cosme nice place for veg dishes in Kensington Market Toronto. I love this place and again I will be back.

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