Sage Cafe.

Sage Cafe is a delightful little restaurant found in Toronto’s Baldwin Village (just south of Baldwin on McCaul) that is a favourite lunch spot amongst many of my co-workers. The cafe prepares fresh eclectic food daily and the majority of the meals are vegetarian friendly.

Sage is a great spot if you’re craving a savoury home cooked style meal. It was a particularly cold and windy afternoon here in Toronto and there was nothing that I wanted more than a hearty lunch that would warm me right up. My friend and I went on a lunch date to Sage and managed to cop a couple of seats at a table in the back room of the cafe. Sage always features an assortment of fresh vegetarian food including: Salads, Quiches, Pasta, Pizza, Soups and Vegetarian or Vegan Wraps. AND, if you’re headed to Sage with an omnivore friend (like me), the cafe has plenty of chicken and fish options as well.

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Zara’s Gourmet Kitchen.

Gluten Free Chickpea Vegetarian Roti Roll  Gluten Free Vegetable Pakoras

Dear Daylight Savings,

You’ve cheated me. I just got used to waking up to wonderful sunshine these past few weeks, but with one stolen hour last weekend, you screwed it all up.  The sun no longer greets me as I awake, I can’t keep my eyes open past 11PM, I wake up in the middle of my sleep thinking, is it 7AM or 3AM? You’ve made me so tired that I have failed to make my lunches for the week. There’s no other way to put it – YOU SUCK.

Yours in drowsiness,


OK so all drama aside… has Daylight Savings messed with my sleep? Yes, probably a little. But can I blame a measly hour time change on my sluggishness and failure to make lunch all week? Nope! That’s just pure laziness.

Lucky for me, my lunch woes were solved when Zara’s Gourmet Kitchen came to my rescue…

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Outrage and delight: a vegetarian’s first trip to Whole Foods.

Vegetarian options at Whole Foods Market

Truth: I am a vegetarian that has not set foot into a Whole Foods Market, so I warn you, this post will not be revolutionary for veteran Whole Fooders. I have always thought of Whole Foods as an expensive place for super rich kids (see: Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt), women who wear head-to-toe outfits of brand name athletic wear and the evangelical crunchy granola bunch. I do not fit into any of these categories and I also enjoy wisely spending my hard earned dolla dolla bills, y’all – so I have always skipped out on going to Whole Foods and instead frequent my local No Frills or FreshCo.

In the spirit of my blog, “hunting” for all that Toronto has to offer in the realm of vegetarian food, and in an effort to be more open and less judgemental…yesterday evening I decided, “you know what? eff it, I’m walking my butt up to Whole Foods to check this place out.”

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Do you get enough protein?

Plant-based protein for vegetarians and vegans

Top Sources of Plant-Based Protein Infographic

I have been a vegetarian for as long as I can remember (24+ years) and throughout my life I have probably been asked every question you can think of on vegetarianism. “Are you an animal activist?” “Do you only eat salads?” “Don’t you miss bacon?” and the most asked question, “Do you get enough protein?” Sometimes it feels like the questions are never ending, but I really don’t mind answering them.

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