Little Sister.

Little Sister Indonesian Food Toronto Vegetarian Options
Food Menu at Little Sister (2031 Yonge St.)

Last week I found out that Little Sister is not just a great song by one of the bests, Queens of the Stone Age, it’s also an Indonesian Food Bar located just north of Davisville on Yonge Street. I have wanted to try out Indonesian food for a while now and finally had the chance to give it a go last week with a few good friends. I was the only vegetarian in the bunch so before ordering I asked the waitress what I could eat… She kindly let me know that all the skewers and mains included meat and fish but that two snacks and all of the sides were vegan.

My thoughts? This is great, I love a meal of sides, and a gold star for my friend Bre for saying, “let’s just order all the vegetarian options they have and we will get 2 or 3 meat dishes on top of that.” Pretty much the perfect solution. So we ordered all veg everything and started with snacks: Sweet Spicy Peanuts and Atjar Tjampour (LS House Pickles). The peanuts were coated with a crunchy shell and went well with my yummy cocktail, the Jakarta Mule and the pickles were a great accompaniment to the main course.

Pickled vegetables and spicy peanuts at Little Sister
Pickles and Peanuts

For the main course of sides we had:

Fried Cauliflower Salad (Rujak, Green Onion, Puffed Rice)
Gilled Mustard Greens (Sambal, Oelek, Ketjap Manis)
Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)
Watermelon Salad (with Chili, Fresh Herbs, Sambal, Vinaigrette)
Urab (Balinese Vegetable Salad, Coconut, Sambal Goreng, Lime Leaf)

vegetarian salads at little sister - Indonesian fried rice and greens - vegetarian food at little sister

All the sides were wonderful but the stand out dishes were the Fried CauliflowerNasi Goreng and Watermelon Salad. The cauliflower in particular was a favourite at our table. I felt pretty well fed after my meal but because there was a lack of protein on my own plate, I did get hungry soon after. Good thing I was able to convince my friends to share the Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream with me, which tasted just as good as it looks in the picture below.

chocolate coffee ice cream

Little Sister is a great spot for a vegetarian looking for a light meal. Although there are many impressive sides to choose from, there are no real meat alternatives and so you can expect to leave the food bar satisfied, and then if you’re like me, feel those hunger pangs coming on about 45 minutes after your dinner… good thing I had some snacks at home to silence the beast (aka my stomach).

Note to all you non-veggies: the favourite meaty meal at the table was the traditional Udang Kari, a shrimp coconut curry.

That’s it from me… Happy eating, y’all!

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