Do you get enough protein?

Plant-based protein for vegetarians and vegans

Top Sources of Plant-Based Protein Infographic

I have been a vegetarian for as long as I can remember (24+ years) and throughout my life I have probably been asked every question you can think of on vegetarianism. “Are you an animal activist?” “Do you only eat salads?” “Don’t you miss bacon?” and the most asked question, “Do you get enough protein?” Sometimes it feels like the questions are never ending, but I really don’t mind answering them.

Vegetarians make up around 4% of the Canadian population – we are the clear minorities. Most people are just curious to know what my lifestyle means, especially since being a vegetarian is different for each practising person. I am all for education and a lot of the times the questions I am being asked are important for vegans and vegetarians to continue to ask themselves. Personally, I think the protein question in particular is a great one to keep top of mind.

I find that as a vegetarian you do have to be more conscious about getting the right amount and right type of protein and vitamins otherwise you might have bouts of fatigue, dizziness or nausea. I came across a great infographic provided by Vega (a company that provides plant-based protein powders) on plant-based protein options that I thought I would share with you Veg Heads as a guide on where to get great sources of protein.

Feel free to share your thoughts and other resources in the comments section below! I am always looking for new ways to fit protein, vitamin B12 and iron into my diet.

Note: the below graphic focuses on vegan protein and does not include protein from dairy products, which are an excellent source for vegetarians. My personal favourite is yogurt, which is also a great source of B12, calcium and probiotics.

Plant-based protein for vegetarian and vegans infographic

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  1. For gain protein nice blog, can we gain more protein by green veg. If yes, Can you suggest me which green veg helps me for gain protein.

  2. Very informative. It’s good to know how much protein my family needs in their diet depending on weight and activity level.

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