Outrage and delight: a vegetarian’s first trip to Whole Foods.

Vegetarian options at Whole Foods Market

Truth: I am a vegetarian that has not set foot into a Whole Foods Market, so I warn you, this post will not be revolutionary for veteran Whole Fooders. I have always thought of Whole Foods as an expensive place for super rich kids (see: Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt), women who wear head-to-toe outfits of brand name athletic wear and the evangelical crunchy granola bunch. I do not fit into any of these categories and I also enjoy wisely spending my hard earned dolla dolla bills, y’all – so I have always skipped out on going to Whole Foods and instead frequent my local No Frills or FreshCo.

In the spirit of my blog, “hunting” for all that Toronto has to offer in the realm of vegetarian food, and in an effort to be more open and less judgemental…yesterday evening I decided, “you know what? eff it, I’m walking my butt up to Whole Foods to check this place out.”

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