Brunch at La Cubana.

Vegetarian Options at La Cubana

When it comes to eating out in the 6ix, brunch is one of the most coveted meals. On almost every weekend from 10AM-3PM you will find restaurant tables all over the city packed, with queues that sometimes take an hour to get through. Brunch in Toronto can be a pretty ridiculous experience when you consider how much time you are spending waiting and how much money you are paying just to get some eggs, toast, and hash browns. You can just save time and money by making that stuff at home! In most cases this is true… BUT sometimes you find a gem of a spot that cooks up a meal so special that you forget all your woes and fall in love with brunch all over again.

Enter La Cubana, a sea-green tiled diner on Roncesvalles (with a location on Ossington too) that specializes in Cuban food…I have been to La Cubana before, but have never made it to brunch, so today was a first for me. The menu has plenty to offer meat lovers and 3 main options for vegetarians: the Breakfast Sandwich with Tomato, Avocado, Queso Fresco and Fried Egg; the Baked Eggs in Sofrito with Yuca; and the French Toast with Banana and Dulce de Leche. My options were reduced to two items since I don’t eat eggs. I know what you’re thinking… “You’re a vegetarian, not a vegan. That means you can eat eggs!” Yes, I can physically eat them, and yes, many vegetarians still eat eggs. But me + straight up eggs simply don’t mix, it’s purely a taste thing – bake those eggy wegs up in a cake or cookie and I’m good to go.

The Breakfast Sandwich - Vegetarian at La Cubana
The Breakfast Sandwich: My Vegetarian Brunch at La Cubana

So, given my egg aversion, I decided to order the Breakfast Sandwich (sin heuvos) with a Cafe con Leche. The sandwich came with a side of Cuban style Rice & Beans, Tostones, and Slaw, and I asked for some hot sauce to tie it all together. As I had hoped, the diner did not disappoint. I have never been to Cuba, but eating at La Cubana makes me feel like I have tasted Cuba. You know a meal is special when your brunch conversation is limited to variations of “MmMmMm, this is SoOoOo good” after each chew. My brunch partner in crime and I were beyond full once our plates were cleared and agreed that the only way to describe this brunch is DOPE.

A big thank you to La Cubana for the dopest meal of my day! Veg Heads, if you haven’t been yet, I recommend sliding La Cubana to the top of your must try restaurant list for brunch, lunch or dinner.

This post is dedicated to the late, great Biggie Smalls who taught me that one of the first steps to making it is eating brunches. I’m still working on the next step: sip champagne when we thirstay. Stay tuned!

La Cubana Exterior  Patterned Tile Floor - La Cubana

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